Business Services

Managed IT Services

Keep your network up and running with managed antivirus and
server monitoring.

  • Network and service up-time ensured
  • Network resources and assignments tracked
  • Regular network maintenance including repairs and upgrades
  • Resources configured as needed to support or add services

Managed Backup Solutions

Protect Your Business

Guard your valuable files and data against hardware failure, loss, theft, environmental disaster or data encryption.

Protection Across All Platforms

Back up every file on Windows, Linux or OS X laptops and desktops, with consistent experience across all platforms.

Restore At Any Time

You can restore your files to any device at any time, even if you’re away from the office, all without using a VPN.

Backup Every File

We’ll protect every version of every file, forever, with no limits on type, size or number of files, all at one low price.

Automatic Backups

Files are backed up automatically as they change, giving you access to every version of every file, including deleted files.

Peace of Mind

All of our solutions include worry-free thread and virus protection; one last thing you need to worry about.

More than 10 Years Proven Expertise


Computer Sales & Service


Whether you need to add one workstation or fifty, we will provide a solution that meets your business needs and your budget. We carry a number of quality brands for you to select from. We can also manage your data transfer, software installation and wireless network setup. Discover all of the ways we can keep your workstations up
and in working condition.


Video Surveillance


Ensure safety at your office while protecting your assets with business security cameras. We consider all vulnerable areas of your business that may benefit from surveillance, from the safe or the cash register to outdoor cameras designed to cut down on vandalism and property damage. Plus, you’ll have access to the video footage
from your smart device 24/7.


Online Support


Our online tech support can offer live support for your PC to provide clean-up, set up software, troubleshoot computer, router, printer issues, and more. Unlike some online tech support, we do not download any bogus programs to your PC or offer random security scans. Call us at
605-262-1011 to get started.


The Cost of Data Loss

Dependence on data has made backup and recovery a top priority for companies across the country. With a reliable solution in place you can have peace of mind that your data is safe and easy to restore, should you ever need to do so. CompQuest offers disaster recovery that’s simple, secure and automated.

  • On-site, encrypted backup
  • Off-site replication
  • Continuous monitoring and nightly testing
  • Rapid restores – locally and off-site

Data loss is expensive for businesses in terms of time and money. Wondering just how much it could cost you? Do the math with our Recovery Time And Downtime Cost Calculator.