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Uh oh, your PC got infected with something? It happens, we can fix it. We’ll remove virus, spyware and malware and get your PC
back in shape.


Wireless Network


Starting at $39 + Equipment

In need of a new wireless network or an upgrade for your existing system?  We’ll help you select the right equipment for your home or business and get it up and running, too.




$39 + Hardware

Whether your video card, optical drive, power supply or wireless receivers need to be upgraded or replaced, we’ve got you covered.


New Equipment



We have a selection of reliable and affordable desktops, laptops, tablets and network equipment. You tell us how you plan to use it and we’ll find the best option.

All Services

Repair and Recovery

$79.00 + Cost of Screen

Stepped on it, dropped it, maybe the kids broke it. Doesn’t matter. We’ll fix it.

$39.00 + Cost of Keyboard

Why your keyboard no longer works is probably an interesting story and we’d love to hear it. Oh, and we can replace it.


If you’ve tried every combination of your kids, your spouse and your pets and you still can’t figure out the password, stop on over.

$79.00/hr + Cost of Data Device
Don’t sweat it, we’ll help you get your data back. Pricing depends on your hard drive condition and amount of data that needs to be restored.

$39.00 + Repair Costs

If things are moving a bit sluggish a hardware diagnostics may be in order. We’ll figure out what’s causing the problems and can address them.

We’ll remove any spyware, adware, and malware programs; reset browsers; defrag your PC; clean registry; and make updates to your antivirus, Java, Adobe and Windows.

If you’ve got a quick question about your email, Facebook or even something with your laptop or tablet device, stop over and we’ll help you troubleshoot whatever you’re up against.

Installs and Upgrades


If installing new software on your PC is a bit intimidating we’ll take care of it for you and take the guesswork out of all the steps and options.

$199 Business/$139 Home/$99 No Data
We’ll install Windows and any updates as well as user account, programs and data for your business or personal PC. An installation with no existing data or software goes a bit quicker so we can do that for less.

$39.00 + Hardware
Whether your video card, optical drive, power supply or wireless receivers need to be upgraded or replaced, we’ve got you covered.

$39.00 + RAM

In need of a memory boost to speed up your programs? We’ll upgrade or replace your RAM in your laptop or desktop.

$99 Clone Drive / $149 Windows

You must not be messing around if you opted for a SSD over a HDD. We can install the SSD Drive and either Windows or a clone drive.

$99/hr + Cost of Equipment
Whether you’re looking for assistance in installing €software or hardware security, like a firewall, we’ll help you out. We’ll also be happy to help you determine which equipment best fits your needs.

Other Services

$25.00 per Device

We’ll get you off and running with Outlook, Live Mail, or other Email software on your PC, mobile device or tablet.

$39 + Equipment, Service Call/Mileage

We’ll get your home up and running with a wireless network. Before we install anything we’ll review your usage needs to be sure we get you set up with the right equipment.

Pricing Varies

Whether you have one machine or 50, we’ll work with you to determine the equipment that fits you needs and get everything up and running. Pricing varies and will include the cost of the service call and/or any mileage for out of city customers.

Pricing Varies

We’ll take care of every step in the process, from a site assessment, to a system recommendation, to the installation of the video surveillance cameras, software, and mobile access. Learn more about how video surveillance could benefit your home, ranch or business.

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